About us

What is FINmessage?

Your time is precious and FINmessage is an ideal way to help you monetize the time you spend interacting with fans and providing content. You can get paid for every message sent to you, as well as offer exclusive premium content. FINmessage is the new standard for paid messaging and once you start, you just won't want to chat and other way!
How much would you estimate your typical fan spends per month on private chat and your exclusive content?

What can you earn with FINmessage?

How many social media followers do you currently have?
(the more followers you have on other social networks, the higher your turnover with FINmessage will be)
How much would you estimated your typical fan spends per month on private chat and your exclusive content?
$ 15
$ 100
You can earn between $ 375 and $ 1,500 per month*
* based on estimate of between 0,25% and 1% of your followers.

The key features of FINmessage

Sending and receiving paid messages

On FINmessage you can earn money with every message you receive from your fans. You can also send messages with exclusive content which can only be opened once paid for.


Your fans can show their support for you and your work on FINmessage by tipping. Tips can either be sent directly or to show appreciation for individual photos that you post.

Fan Channels

Fan Channels enable you to provide exclusive niche-specific content to your fans in exchange for a one-time fee or monthly subscription. You can set up as many Channels as you like to cover all the niches and interests you cater for.


Fan Channels can also be used to raise money for specific goals using their built-in crowdfunding functionality.

Photo tips

Photo tips offer a great way for you to see the kind of content your fans are really into and are willing to pay for, helping you to make the most of the time you spend producing content.